CYA 10 Year Anniversary


CYA was; brilliant, entertaining, informative and educational. I enjoyed catching up with talented artists and writers such as award winning Katrin Dreiling and Helene Magisson and listening to the amazing Morris Gleitzman.

I did my first ever in person pitches to editors and agents. They were friendly, constructive, and helpful. I’m going to be busy working with their advice now and a couple are keen to see some more work, when I am ready. Thank you! Thank you!
The session I loved the most was definitely the Morris Gleitzman master class. We had a total of three hours to learn from him. He entertained us with stories, showing, and not telling, about his own writing journey as well as guiding us through some of his books. These were so memorable (and often very funny) that I related one in the car on the way to an engagement party after the conference. He gave us insights into how he structures and builds a story, blends in exposition, and extensively drafts outlines of his novels before he begins to write- he said the method draws from his television writing background. We even had a chance to ask a few questions at the end, and yes I jumped at the chance to ask one!
My daughter, who is fifteen, thought this was the most brilliant public speech she had been to, and was absolutely riveted. She went to art character development sessions with Sarah Davis, which she absolutely loved and enjoyed spending the day with artist/illustrators. Another inspiring session was the success stories from previous participants in the conference – I just loved these. They were encouraging to all aspiring authors and illustrators to follow their dreams – and to have an international outlook with their work.
I was so delighted to see Helene Magisson up there sharing her story. She mentioned our upcoming project, Magic Fish Dreaming! with some excitement amongst her ongoing journey and I was so happy that such a brilliant illustrator is looking forward to our collaboration (kickstarter permitting.)
Jennifer Loake’s story was particularly inspiring, as she went from having her picture book story placed very lowly at the competition, to persevering with it, and editing it until it has been published. And the idea behind her story was just something she always believed in and wouldn’t give up on! If you are thinking about a career in writing for children and young adults I highly reccomend attending this event, and entering their competitions. You receive feedback on your story and how to improve it.
I have begun sending a story I entered in it last year, and have been editing for 12 months, to publishers – who knows perhaps now I will find a publisher for it.
A big congratulations to Tina Clarke and the wonderful team of volunteers who were so warm, welcoming and helpful. A special mention to my writing buddy Dimity Powell who I met in person for the first time. After attending the conference for years she decided to be a volunteer this year and add to everyone else’s experience, including things like giving me a pep talk before I went into do my publisher pitches – thanks Dimity! Oh no I forgot to get a photograph of us together – another time maybe! You can find more information CYA FACEBOOK or the WEBSITE.
(c) June Perkins

10 thoughts on “CYA 10 Year Anniversary

  1. It was a wonderful conference and glad you had such a great experience. Keep going June and I’m sure we’ll see more from you


    1. Thanks Jennifer. Have been very busy writing since CYA – such energy being around people who all love writing and storytelling. All the best with your writing too.


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