The Ultimate Faraway Tree


This tree is just one of many inspirations for the poetry of Magic Fish Dreaming.  It is the ultimate faraway tree of Far North Queensland, although it is not one you are allowed to climb on – for that you have to find other trees (of which there are plenty that are almost as magical).

For more information visit: Curtain Fig Tree

Stay tuned for more poetry inspirations.  I look forward to seeing what magical illustrations Helene will do for the rest of the book.  Can you imagine them too?

9 thoughts on “The Ultimate Faraway Tree

  1. June, can’t wait to see this project come to fruition. It looks and sounds wonderful so far. As soon as the Kickstarter is up and running, I’ll put a link on my Facebook page. Good luck!


    1. Thank you so much Melissa. Love all the wonderful poet, photographer bloggers working on their craft and sharing their work. Will be cool to see you do a book one day too and thinking about writing some more creative non-fiction too.

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