Making the kickstarter campaign video


Gone editing my dear blog readers, and will be absent until the video edits are over.

Here are some highlights of the making of the videos to tell you all about the Magic Fish Dreaming project.

Keep sharing our page and letting people know about this very special book. So delighted to have reached over 1000 visits on the Magic Fish Dreaming blog.

A special thank you to Helene, David and my dear youngest son for their support in the filming of the footage for it.

You can find out more on the facebook page or blog.   Really now almost ready for lift off.  But until then, have a wonderful life.

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2 thoughts on “Making the kickstarter campaign video

  1. dear june, am now actively working on the translation. it’s actually quite fun even though a challenge.

    i am translating into a regional dialect so the trick is translating into a concept that can ben understood by children. i think that it is important not just to translate the words but also so it reaches the same audience as it would back home.

    for example the opening line has ‘green-tree frogs’ which is actually the common name of a species of frog. i thought i might translate to ‘frogs of the trees’. anyway will send when it’s all finished with how it reads now in english.

    it’s a lovely little poem (hunt for a poem) and i think it’s going to a lovely translation.

    mel xx

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