Videos Almost Done

Filmshort 74

I’ve been hard at work on the videos for during the kickstarter.

I decided to make a few short videos, and one that’s around 3 minutes.

This is partly due to people scanning through things so quickly on the internet you just need to make sure you have something that can say things in a catchy and short way.

Filmshort 67

It was interesting deciding the best way to show the images on film, and Helene sent me some videos of illustrators that she liked so I could study the editing style.

Filmshort 75

This was extremely helpful and gave me lots of inspiration to how to film her illustrations. So thanks so much for that Helene.  One of the things I loved  about the examples she sent me was how the camera pans and zooms could highlight the details within the picture and give the viewer an appreciation for the details in the art.

Filmshort 76

My colleagues at Children’s Book Academy looked over the video and gave me some constructive feedback as to how they felt the videos could be even better.

Filmshort 80

Writelinks buddies  continue to be a wonderful support, encouraging and inspiring, as many release and launch their own works.  I am so delighted at how excited they are about this book!

Filmshort 82

I thank all the faithful followers of the blog, facebook, and other spaces.  Helene, myself, Matilda and designers and printers, can’t wait to finally get the ball rolling. So close now!

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