Kickstarter Adventures

2015-10-27 032
Some of our Kickstarter Rewards – Aren’t they so cute!

These critters, after much searching, have been located to become part of the Magic Fish Dreaming family.

They are super delightful and even cuter when you see them in real space.  The crocodile is cuddly and he is behaving himself and has promised not to eat anyone, but be a caretaker.

They have been pleased to know that many of them are featured in the book, Magic Fish Dreaming, and glad to know that we care about them.

They are enjoying their stop over at June’s house until the kickstarter begins – which dear friends may be in early January 2016 (to be confirmed).

The thing about adventures is you never know what it around the corner, and well these dear creatures said, ‘we really need a bit more time to get everything right for that kickstarter, don’t we June and Helene. People are preparing themselves of Christmas and Holidays very soon.’

In our adventures we have found  a wonderful printer and he is sharing his wisdom and getting the best price he can for our printing.  He cares about us printing the best product we can and is helping us look into the maze that is international and local postage of parcels.  We have also found a super cool designer to join the team and you will meet her in due course.

We have also had some of those supercool Writelinkers, and Children’s Book Academy heroes helping us through the maze that is kickstarter telling us ‘the force will be with  you, and to travel with the zen that is kickstarter preparation attitude, the attitude to get it all prepared well and ready to go.’  A special mention has to go to Sam, Zoe and Sharon who have been very kind.

On top of that June’s wonderful family, especially her youngest brother and mother, have been hard at work making a very special kickstarter reward featuring the family totem, the Raggiana bird of paradise.


We have been making many friends on this adventure called kickstarter.

We are most grateful for their beautiful tweets and encouraging messages.  Thanks especially to Mascara Literary Review for taking the time to listen to the audio of Magic Fish Dreaming and many brilliant poets, Felicity, Stuart, Dave, Celia, Ramon, Melissa, and Helen.

A big thank you to everyone visiting our facebook page, where we love to explore how to protect the environment and endangered creatures, art in nature and nature art, and keep you updated on our adventures.

To our waiting in the wings support team, we are glad you have our back and are ready to help us to continue to spread the word that the project is going to be one wonderful to support.

Keep well and have a beautiful couple of months.  Keep dropping by our facebook space.  We love that Ingan  Echo lodge and Loving Nature regularly visit our facebook space.  Also Lenora, Maria, Diane, Jacqui,Sabine, Laurel and Matilda, thank you for being such regular visitors. We promise to let all of you know when the biggest adventure of all – the kickstarter – begins.

The Magic Fish Dreaming Team

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