Magic Fish Dreaming Project Fans we would love your help!


Dear Fans,

This dear little Tasmanian Devil goes to the project fan who can share about Magic Fish Dreaming, as many times and as creatively and enthusiastically as possible in the next 48 hours, twitter, any of their social media, email, and in person.

Just email me the links and number of times or how it went when talking to someone and I will announce the winner on Wednesday.

You can reach me at and also leave your links in the comments.

Why a Tasmanian Devil – they are from June’s childhood state Tasmania and have been undergoing a battle to survive.

All the information you need is on our facebook page,   this blog and kickstarter page (see links in comments)

Be sure to include the link to the kickstarter page.

Thanks so much!

Love, The Magic Fish Dreaming Team.

Magic Fish Dreaming Facebook Space


MAKE SURE TO SHARE THIS LINK and make sure you can click through on it.

(Reblogs are great as well!)

(special note: providing we can post to your country)


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