6 Days to Go – Make a Difference – Kickstarter Magic Fish Dreaming

We did it!  We made our goal!  Magic Fish Dreaming is happening!

Do you want more poems in the book?

Would you like some cool end papers?

Would you love to see it in hard cover case bound?

118 people from ten countries have backed this project.

Why not join them!



We can do so MUCH MORE!



KEY:AUD = Australian Dollar USD =US Dollar Euros GBP=British Pound

STRETCH GOAL 1 –  More pages of art and poetry!

$15,000 AUD / 10348 USD/ 9478.71 Euros/ 7307 (GBP)pounds

We can increase number of pages for the book to 40!

Do some beautiful end papers with a special design from Helene.

STRETCH GOAL 2 –  Cover Charisma

 $20,000+ (AUD)/ 13679.90 USD /12550.47 Euros/9611 (GBP)pounds

Now we can print all the books in hard cover with a durable and attractive case binding. Poems can be translated into French or motu.

STRETCH GOAL 3 – Another Film!  

$25,000 (AUD)/ 1725 USD/ 15789 Euros/ 12171 (GBP)pounds

June can create another engaging creative short poetry film featuring Helene’s art and June’s photography, voice, and poetry. We’ll give you a chance to vote on which poem has a short film outing. June will also ‘sound cloud’ the most popular poems for those who would like to hear readings by the poet.

 STRETCH GOAL 4  – Long term plans possible!  

$33,000 +(AUD) /23332 USD /  21456 Euros /16392 (GBP)pounds

 A dust cover will be added to the hard cover book.

June builds a publishing company to make more beautiful diverse books, fiction, non-fiction and poetry focusing on culture and nature!

She develops the multimedia aspects of her publishing more (looking at ebooks and apps).

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