The Smell of Books is in the air


We arrive at Fergies, press the button to go in, enter, and it’s then that we are hit by that scent which transports the traveler to: bookshops, libraries and printing presses. The seriously delicious smell of books surrounds us.

The scent of our book will soon call out to people, ‘read me!’

Richard calls out,’ up here,’ and we head up the stairs.

Check out the view from the meeting room.


It’s so impressive to see a place where books are born into their physical form. And soon we are discussing paper thicknesses, digital and offset printing, kinds of digital printing, binding and spines and french flaps. We not only see the differences but we can feel them as well, and through a sensory process of: smell, touch and sight; the book we’d like comes clearly into focus.

Helene and I have come to the meeting with samples and can you believe one of our book samples is exactly the same one – a Shaun Tan book with French flaps and a slightly thicker card for the cover.  We want a book that bounds off the shelf and invites children and their families to grab it.

Richard Tillotson shares with us a great wealth of information, and shows us some samples and swatches.  Thanks Richard. It’s not long before I know what my heart wants for the Magic Fish Dreaming book.


Leaving Fergies we pass a bit of printing history, see the picture below.


What a day!  Although this is my third book, this is the first time I have been able to meet with the printer in person.

It is great to be supporting a local Brisbane Business with high ethical standards for their printing, who will strive to give us the best book they can for our budget.

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