Feedback From Our Beautiful Fans!


We welcome your letters, facebook messages, messages in our blue book that travels with us to events, and tweets on the book.  Thank you so much.

You can leave a review or read reviews of the book at  Good Reads.  That would be brilliant! 

The book is going out for review to many places, including children and youth review sites, the children’s book council, Reading Time, Just Write for Kids, Mascara Literary Review and more.


Thank you June for this gift. I love the poems and the illustrations are magical…….and the colours are most gentle and calming. Beautiful presentation.
Thank you. Warm regards,
–Shidan Toloui-Wallace Now living in Vancouver Canada

Hi June,
Thanks so much for the pdf, it was worth waiting for!! Looking forward to reading it with my grandchildren. It’s so lovely the effort you put in to get this up and running…we did Mira’s course together and you truly embraced it with both hands (feet, head, heart). Also I really love Helene’s drawings – you made a good team!
Lovely to have a deeper story of our amazing land and animals for the children. I hope it’s a grand success!
–Love, Zita, Western Australia (Kickstarter training class mate)

Thank you June, you must be so proud, the both of you! I look forward to being able to buy a real copy, until then, I’ll enjoy the PDF.
–Pixi xxx, New Zealand

Thank you so much June and Helene,
Your work is beautiful. If you are ever in Brussels Belgium, we would love to have you come talk to the English French bilingual section at Lycée français.
Best regards
–-Catherine, English Teacher. Maternelle, Lycée Français Jean Monnet

Dearest June
I’m just about speechless. what magic you and Helen have created. I can’t wait for my hard copy…exquisite.
Thank you very much for the launch photos. A hard copy photo must go in the family album. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your time in limelight lit up with success and fulfillment.
-Love, Pam, Far North Queensland

Your book is beautiful! You must be so proud!
I have enjoyed my first reading, and I plan to reread it many times so that I can gain greater appreciation and understanding of each poetic piece. You have an intriguing style.
May you have much satisfaction and success in watching your dream make its way into the world! Blessings.
— Laura (United States) (Kickstarter training class mate)

Thank you June, Helene!
It has turned out just great. Well done, you-two.
Best wishes,
–Danny Letham, United Kingdom

So proud of you. It was a pleasure to be a little bit involved.
Thanks for the pdf.
I’ll be getting my autographed copy soon.
–Love, Dimity, Gold Coast

Hi June,
The book looks so gorgeous! Just beautifully done, from the writing, to the design, to the illustration. It’s not just a professional-looking book, but an exceptional one. I’m so happy for you both.
I look forward to seeing your writing career blossom, and I really think self-publishing this book was a good step for you. But be patient and persistent.

–Jed USA (June’s mentor for the kickstarter)

Writing and illustrating a book is the first creative part of the project. Then handing your precious manuscript to a printer and a designer to bring their own expertise to the project gives the reader a book of wonder to behold. I’m so proud to be part of this wonderful project even in a very small way of reading the first draft over a year ago.
–Joceyln Hawes, Write Links

Dear June
I enjoyed Magic Fish Dreaming A-L-O-T. I really enjoyed ‘Brahminy Bravery.’
Where do you get your ideas from? Where did you learn the stories in your
Thank you
–Sharada (nine)

Thank you June. The book is lovely. My little sister  saw it and wanted to read it.

Hi, I really enjoyed reading the poetry in Magic Fish Dreaming. It’s a great book you wrote and the illustrations are beautiful.

Hi June!
I just wanted to say how much I love reading your poetry! The mixture of your writing, the way it is formatted and the illustrations make it such fun reading! I want to use some of it in mindfulness sessions with my clients… “listen to the fish…”
–Katayoon (psychologist)

Dear June and Helene,
Magic Fish Dreaming is both a visual feast and a feast of words.
–Robyn Sheahan Bright, June’s  ASA Writing Mentor

Dear June and Helene,
Hope you guys had a great time writing the book and illustrating it.
I am looking forward to reading it.
–From Snigdh

Dear Helene,
I like the author’s writings and your art combined. This is great.
Great Job.
Happy time writing and drawing.

June and the book is lovely my little sister saw it and wanted to read it.

Congratulations June and Helene,
Wishing you all the very best for your ventures.
–The Dowling Family

Good on you June and Helene,
I can’t wait to dive into the beautiful world you have created.
–Tyrion, Write Links

June Perkins what a journey! I’ve been following along & it’s been incredible to watch you. How magical to be holding them in your hands!
-Sarah, Soul Food Blogs

Oh. My. God. WOW!!! It is my wish for you that being surrounded by your books is an experience that will be one of the most precious and powerful memories for the rest of your life. Blessings... Stephanie, Soul Food Blogs

Had a brilliant time @ Magic Fish Dreaming – June Perkins and Helene Magisson’s Launch 30th October 2016. June Perkins, beautiful cultural soul weaves through her poetry with a voice entwined with cultural remembering, family relationships with each other and the natural world – bought to life with beautiful illustrations by Helene Marie Anne Magisson. June also shared a recording of one of her poems read in her traditional language by a friend, followed by a traditional dance performance and songs by her children.
And last but not least, the Cake – Edible Art and very yum indeed.
–Jillanne, Write Links

Thanks June Perkins….awesome afternoon. You have truly set the bar for book launches. I’m so glad it was such a success for you.
–Danielle, Write Links

June! I am so very excited for you. I am looking forward to seeing your book. I know I will want to keep your book to myself but the children at the school where my daughter works will be so excited! You survived labor and delivery and are ready to present your bundle of joy to the world! Huge congratulations!
–Sally – United States, Soul Food Blogger

@gumbootspearlz Congratulations! The book looks amazing. What a huge journey! Be proud lovely one. I’m proud and grateful to know you.
–Vacen Taylor, author

Thank you for my beautiful gift! Finally time to sit with it properly. Gorgeous poetry! Congratulations & I love the bag x
–Alesa Lajana, Frontier Lullaby Album, Storyteller, song writer and Writer


We are in the process of sending out this beautiful book and getting it into stores.Thank you for your patience. We have launched in real space, and sent out the pdf and many of our copies to reviewers. 

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