It was lovely to meet with Helene today as soon she is going overseas for Christmas and the last couple of months we’ve been in touch mostly by email.  Always lovely to meet in person!

41aeeffb1a31ec945ef3229aa49bc137871eb63e (1)We chatted about the project,  and I introduced Helene to the Magic Fish dreaming plushy family and guess what? Now a koala and a platypus are going on tour to France with Helene. Happy adventuring little ones.


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We are so excited about the chance to create this book. We had a look at a few inspiring books to keep up our creative thinking about the interior of the book.

Helene gave me some colour advice for the posters for kickstarter rewards so I am just reworking those a little.

I had so much fun showing her some of the things I have been making for the kickstarter rewards and she gave me some invaluable feedback and suggestions.

Last week I met in person with our prepress and codesigner, Heidi Den Ronden. She is looking forward to meeting the Helene in early January and I’ll introduce her on the blog soon.

A big thank you to a number of friends who sacrificed their time  and helped me clarify the cover design I wanted.  Zoe Faizi, Sharon Horsfall, Heidi Den Ronden, Jed Alexander and Helene Magisson, you were all such a big help. Helene and I were able to finalise a cover that aims to give the playful feel of the interior.

As we speak dear Matilda is looking over my Magic Fish Dreaming manuscript one more time as I have made a few changes to the manuscript. We’re finalising it for Helene to read.

I was delighted to read a couple of poems of Magic Fish Dreaming aloud, at an arts evening, Elevate, organised by Temily Eddington and Ruha Fifita. Thanks so much for the opportunity to do this.

Reading from Magic Fish Dreaming

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Who knows we may hear from the platypus and koala on their overseas adventures?

All the best to our supporters and to all helpers who are making the journey, one to remember!




Author and Illustrator Meeting – Magic Fish Dreaming

June Perkins and Helene Magisson – taken by Sheridan Perkins

It was wonderful to meet Helene today, as up until this point we have been working by phone and email so as to prepare the illustration samples for the upcoming kickstarter campaign.

Seeing the art in real space was just delightful, with some of the colours even richer than was possible to be conveyed in the initial digital copies. I’ll be taking them off for some professional scanning soon, as neither of us have one at home suitable for scanning the work to the quality we need. Maybe one day?

What did we talk about?  The process of how we’ve been working so far, possible timeline (which is looking good), and the place that inspired the poems. We looked at a few photographs of the Cassowary Coast, especially of the cane at different times of year, whilst my son played his guitar, and my daughter was creating characters for the upcoming CYA conference workshop she will be attending.  Actually Helene and I will also be there too with many of our other illustrating and writing buddies.

We’re both looking forward to the next creative leg of the book journey, but for now I’m, going into that other side, called budget mode, and kickstarter planning, whilst Helene is working on some of her other projects until I can give her a kickstarter green light.  More news soon!

If you could keep letting your friends who would be interested know about the project that would be just brilliant.