‘Reading With’ photo competition.

You have all this week to share your best ‘reading with’ someone photograph (make sure you have permission to share with anyone in the pic) and a few words about it, and we will pick the one we loved the most and, send you Magic Fish Dreaming.

If you already have Magic Fish Dreaming we’ll post another small surprise or you can give the book to a friend!

Share your photograph either on our facebook page or on twitter or instagram with the hashtag #readtomemagicfishdreaming.

Finding Readers for Magic Fish Dreaming

Pearlz Dreaming


Nearly one year since our successful kickstarter and there are now many copies of Magic Fish Dreamingready to find homes for.   I picked up our full print run Tuesday this week!

Since our launch last October, nearly 300 books have headed out to the public and are now doing their magic; this has been from: kickstarter preorders, library supplier sales, the launch, individual direct orders, and one bookshop appearance.

We have had a review in Reading Time with CBCA (children’s book council), and have sent the book for review to several others and so we should see those in coming months, and I continue to search out more places for reviews.  Sometimes these take a while to hear back from.

In the meantime the truly hard work begins; we strive to reach more schools and libraries, bookshops, and obtain even more reviews, and locate conferences, festivals, potential sellers, and…

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Sharing the Magic of Poetry

Photographs for this story by Sheridan Perkins

It was a magical day of discovering and hunting for poems at Riverbend bookshop.

Vicky from Riverbend books gave a warm introduction, and shared that our book was crowd funded, beautifully done, and well supported by the local community.

I let our audience know where the book was set, but think maybe next time I might need a compass for this.

I found out that nearly all our audience loved fishing!  Which is great as we have two poems on fishing in the book.  I read ‘Wishing for a Fish’.

It was lovely to hear some laughter when ‘Discovering Magic’ was read!  To have the jokes of this poem appreciated was awesome.

When I asked them what they would wish from a fairy’s tooth, one child said she would love to fly.

The perfect opportunity to read a poem about birds next.  I chose ‘Tawny.’

The audience loved nature, and knew a lot about cassowaries and Tawny Frogmouths, and maybe some learnt about the Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) and quolls for the first time.

Some had Tawnys in their back yard and others had been on nocturnal walks to see them.  We could have talked all day about Tawny, but just one more poem – on ‘Hunting for Poems’ and time to go hunt for some of our own. Time to use the imagination we use when playing games of deciding what a cloud might be when it forms a shape in the sky.


Thanks so much to Vicky at Riverbend for preparing the workshop space for us and for photocopying the education materials that I had developed.  And thanks to all our enthusiastic participants.

It was lovely to have a bit of a chat with children, parents and grandparents and to sign books for some of our lovely guests.  It means a lot when people buy your book!



The children loved Helene’s illustrations and I told them I would pass this message on to Helene, who would have just loved this adorable audience.

Well done to all our young poets!  Just loook at some of the beautiful work.


(Thanks for the kind permission of our participants to share photographs of our first event for the year. Thanks to my daughter Sheridan for the photography and helping us pack up afterwards)

100 kickstarter parcels sent out!


We’ve sent 100 of the kickstarter parcels for the project out since Friday last week!

Would love to know what you think of Magic Fish Dreaming and about its arrival into your family or school!

So delighted to know it is being used for a poem before sleep in a few families already!

You can catch our second review on Good Reads, and feel free to add your own.

We have some more reviews coming up soon.

And check out Helene’s Christmas book!


Must be time to put together a Magic Fish Dreaming trailer!

All the very best for Christmas and New Year.

The Magic Fish Dreaming Team

Books on their way soon!


We will have some Magic Fish Dreaming books before Christmas to send out to all you wonderful kickstarter supporters!

Will let you know the day we start posting them out and they may arrive Christmas or early new year.

Hooray! Our apologies for the delays beyond our control.

Magic Fish Dreaming is Launched

More soon.  Some picture highlights, with photography by Peter Allert, Heidi Den Ronden, Jillanne Harrison, and Book Links

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Arrival 3pm

Time to view the art by Helene Magisson and some of June’s photographs on the wall

Buy Books

View the cake


Official Program

Welcome from Merv

Welcome – Ruha Fifita

Talk by Melanie Hill – Write Links

One Song – Sheridan and Sandon

Talk from Helene Magisson and Thankyous

Talk by  June’s ASA Mentor – Robyn Sheahan Bright – and reading of one of June’s poems – River Song

Robyn officially launching the book


Intermission cake


Short talk about the cake and refreshments time

Book signing

Magic Fish Dreaming Video ‘Listen to the Water’ – A Poem on Film

River Song in language – recording of cousin  Cornelia reading in Maipa village language

Two songs – Sheridan and Sandon

June Perkins reads two poems, ‘Discovering Magic’ & ‘Storm Dancers’

Ruha Dance

June says program concludes, very short speech about empowerment of young people.



Farewell 5pm

Magic Fish Dreaming

Beautiful message from Mel for the Launch this weekend.

Melinda J. Irvine

Wishing my friend June Perkins all the best for the launch of her stunning book of poetry, Magic Fish Dreaming on 30 October in Brisbane. Also looking forward to receiving a few copies and some Australian native plush toys for the kids here in the Philippines.


June is such an inspiration to me as a writer and creative. All her works come from a place of truth: the truth of nature, of family and cultural identity. Her daily dedication to sharing her knowledge with the wider community is really inspiring.

One of my first memories of June was at a songwriting workshop in 2012. June performed a song about her brother and the tragedy of his life. I can still hear her soft voice and the guitar strumming to the words … “you climbed out the window last night”. Her work has always impacted me like that.

Even though I won’t…

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