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Guess what we are reading  before sleep time tonight…

Thank you so much.

To all my fellow parents I highly recommend the book.


(Thank you Johanna for permission to share this.   What an absolutely adorable picture of one of our young readers. 

So happy you are enjoying the book. Just love that background wall! – From June)

Please note for all people  in Australia outside of Queensland we can take direct orders and mail the book out to you.

Just email us at  (and if you are in Queensland and living nowhere near a stockist do contact us as well.)

A Poet’s Review Magic Fish Dreaming


In secret spots, hidden pools, fields of sugar cane and tangled rainforests, June Perkins and Helene Magisson’s enchantingly illustrated poetic adventure, Magic Fish Dreaming, delves into the delights of the Wet Tropics, where poems are waiting to be caught by children curious enough to notice and question.

Beginning with a hunt for a giggle poem, the sounds and sight of the seashore are collected in a net. As the materials are gathered up we are invited to look, wonder and explore with the senses of a naturalist, reveling in the fun of learning about the world and the spell of pouring it into words.

This effervescent collection of poems is perfect for adults and children to share, in the spirit of its community of people, plants, animals and places. With their insightful stories and dialogues, June’s poems are perfect for reading aloud or performing together.

It is also a book to be relished alone, quietly absorbing the reflective verses that celebrate the wonder in looking into the waters or up to the stars in stillness and silence. Magic Fish Dreaming should be out, open and working its magic in every kindergarten, primary classroom and home—it will certainly stay with me as I set off on my next poetic expedition.

Helen Ramoutsaki, poet, lyricist, performer and educator


Magic Fish Dreaming Update

So we’ve been going  just over a week and have just reached  $2434  with 42 backers.  As you know our first goal it to reach $9000 to give our project a definite green light.  We are nearly a third of the way!

The highlight so far has been receiving this  energy boosting gift back from Tourism and Events Queensland.


This was accompanied by their own poem!

Dear June,

There’s no way we’re poets. And we’re quite sure you’ll know it. But like Queensland sunshine. We love to shine a light on projects- so divine. So please accept this token of appreciation to thank you for your dedication in making your creation that speaks of the most glorious state in our sunburnt nation. Sending all our love from the rainforest to the sand. Best Wishes and Good luck from your friends at Queensland. ‪#‎thisisQueensland ‬‪#‎loveQueensland‬


There have also been some wonderful star supporters, who keep encouraging the Magic Fish Dreaming team to keep our  energy up!  Thanks so much to Vacen, Nancy, Helene and Katrin.

Helene and I managed to meet up for the first time since she returned from France. Katrin took us to meet a primary school librarian. And I actually forgot to take a photograph (rare for me) but it was a great meeting, and has given us some thoughts about school bookings for workshops beyond the kickstarter.  More on that later.  It was lovely to escape my computer and real space chat with Helene and Katrin.

It is exciting to know our book is receiving support from the United States, Philippines, the United Kingdom, as well Australia.

We are now heading for our next thousand, and a half century of backers.

Keep up the momentum, Magic Fish Dreaming Backing Family!  We’re feeling so much love and support, and hope we can announce the green light as soon as possible!

A special mention also to Michelle Worthington and Mel Irwin for their recent blogs about the project and to Writelinks, Buzz Words, Australian Poetry Times and the Children’s Book Academy who are helping put the word out through their networks.

Interview with Michelle Worthington

Mel Irvine on Magic Fish Dreaming


Magic Fish Dreaming

Magic Fish Dreaming from June Perkins on Vimeo.

Magic Fish Dreaming,  an illustrated in full colour poetry book, 36 pages,  written by June Perkins, is now set to ride a kickstarter wave, to take it from Australia across the ocean into the homes of people in many lands.

Brimming with the themes of nature, family, diversity, childhood and environment, Magic Fish Dreaming is inspired by the North Queensland community, environment, and creatures it shares.  It is beautifully illustrated by the award winning Artist Helene Magisson.

Check out the video for more information.

The Kickstarter has begun !