Counting down from 86


Counting down from 86 X$25AUD pledges or 43 X $50 AUD double pledges. Tawny and Tree Kanga are sure we can do it!  – who will be our 100th backer and will we see another 10 backers today?

To pledge visit the link HERE.  Would love to welcome more of our project followers to the backing family.  Thanks to all who have already backed.  What treasures you are!

Cards and Count Downs


Thanks so much to Karen Tyrrell, a wonderful writer and advocate for mental health and anti bullying, for her blog  about Magic Fish Dreaming yesterday. She is just one of the many writers from Writelinks who have thrown their support behind this endeavour. They really are great believers in the power of children’s literature.

You can visit it here and leave a comment if you wish Kid’s Poetry Book Magic

A massive thank you to the many people joining our backer family and re-posting about the project. Moala, Linda, Tanya, Melanie, Heidi, Lyn, Noss, Cam, Alison, Sam, Honora, Marion, Linda, are the latest, but our blog honour roll will be out at the end of the project!  One fabulous friend is giving fliers out that she has printed herself wherever she travels!

Yesterday was a great day for Magic Fish Dreaming, with the project reaching 72% of the funds to the green light.  We have raised $6515AUD out of our $9000AUD. But we’re not quite there yet and need another $2485 AUD to achieve our main goal – to have enough to create the book.

Kickstarter is all or nothing funding, so we must raise $9000 to go ahead.  This is partly to ensure that people prepare a budget that really does enable them to carry out their project.

We’re doing a count down,  100 pledges @ $25AUD  (1 book) or 50 pledges @$50 AUD (2 books) will mean this book comes into existence.  You can pick a higher reward level of course.

We have some media coverage coming up and will share some more news on that in our next post.

All project backers are receiving project updates!

Here is another one of our project rewards.    Creature 1 set, if you are looking for it.




Interview with Ali

bannermagicfishYou can read an Interview with Ali Stegert on Magic Fish Dreaming HERE.

Magic Fish Dreaming is a children’s picture book project written by my friend and crit-buddy June Perkins and illustrated by Helene Magisson. Today, I interview the author about her beautiful work and her dream of bringing the project to fruition.

A Dreamy Book for Youngsters

Ali: “A dreamy book for youngsters” is my five-word description of your book. How about you describe Magic Fish Dreaming  in five words?” FOR THE REST OF THE INTERVIEW CLICK HERE.

Passing the $5000AUD Mark

So excited to let you know we have just passed $5000, and are now at $5049 raised towards our green light $9000 goal.

Just $3951 more and we will have our project definitely up and away!

There are just a few more hours left in our special Cassowary soft toy and book reward, so if you know anyone that would love this reward with the book, do let them know.

Thanks so much to Dimity Powell, who blogged our project today, and shared her blog throughout her networks.  We greatly appreciate the assistance of Dimity and many others who are letting the wider community know about our book.

Mr Koala says check out this: ARTICLE BY DIMITY

We acknowledge continual supporters on twitter like the Children Writers Guild, Alesa Lajana, Nancy, Vacen and Lenora Riegel, Pasifika Tales, Australian Women Writers, and Torey-Ann Torres, as well as their retweeting friends!

A big thank you to Jan Cornall, the Writer’s Journey, and to Di Bates, at Buzz words for sharing information about our project in their newsletters. We now have a few multiple book order options available, as some people are buying one for themselves and one for a friend or library. So check out our custom rewards.

ABC Far North Queensland did a prerecorded radio interview.  We will inform you when we know when and where this is airing and if there is an online podcast link.

Today the following stop press went out to schools.

Stop Press – Additional Note for Schools – Workshops Magic Fish Dreaming 

We realise that for many schools and libraries to consider the workshop option and day visits they need to budget well ahead of time.

The schedule for this book is that it will be available October/November 2016 and the workshops will commence in 2017.

We recommend if you would love a presentation or workshop or term project for 2017 pre-purchase at least the book or Education Reward 1 so we make sure it happens and goes into print.

You will then have the satisfaction of knowing you supported a book which encourages the development of poets in our community from the earliest of ages.

We will convert your skype in Education Reward to the introductory talk to a large school group.

June has run poetry workshops in schools and for community groups, and has a graduate certificate in teaching and a PhD in writing empowerments. She is currently on an Australian Society of Authors mentorship for writing picture books and works mentoring University students in creative writing.

Helene has taught art in India. She is an award winning artist with four picture books that will have been published by 2017.

They are combining forces to inspire and share the process of collaboration, illustration, and poetry in programs will be suitable for budding illustrators and poets. Much of the information you will need for budget and grant consideration is on our project blog.

Furthermore you can look at the educational rewards in the kickstarter to get an idea of the costs and programs we provide.

First preference for 2017 workshops will be given to those schools and teachers who supported the kickstarter.

June and Helene are based in Brisbane. Travel outside of Brisbane’s CBD more than 50 km will incur additional travel costs.

(More information will be available on workshops soon)

Guest Blogs

Thanks for this blog Writelinks.  Original Article here: Writelinks


Magic Fish Dreaming Project Fans we would love your help!


Dear Fans,

This dear little Tasmanian Devil goes to the project fan who can share about Magic Fish Dreaming, as many times and as creatively and enthusiastically as possible in the next 48 hours, twitter, any of their social media, email, and in person.

Just email me the links and number of times or how it went when talking to someone and I will announce the winner on Wednesday.

You can reach me at and also leave your links in the comments.

Why a Tasmanian Devil – they are from June’s childhood state Tasmania and have been undergoing a battle to survive.

All the information you need is on our facebook page,   this blog and kickstarter page (see links in comments)

Be sure to include the link to the kickstarter page.

Thanks so much!

Love, The Magic Fish Dreaming Team.

Magic Fish Dreaming Facebook Space


MAKE SURE TO SHARE THIS LINK and make sure you can click through on it.

(Reblogs are great as well!)

(special note: providing we can post to your country)


Magic Fish Dreaming Update

So we’ve been going  just over a week and have just reached  $2434  with 42 backers.  As you know our first goal it to reach $9000 to give our project a definite green light.  We are nearly a third of the way!

The highlight so far has been receiving this  energy boosting gift back from Tourism and Events Queensland.


This was accompanied by their own poem!

Dear June,

There’s no way we’re poets. And we’re quite sure you’ll know it. But like Queensland sunshine. We love to shine a light on projects- so divine. So please accept this token of appreciation to thank you for your dedication in making your creation that speaks of the most glorious state in our sunburnt nation. Sending all our love from the rainforest to the sand. Best Wishes and Good luck from your friends at Queensland. ‪#‎thisisQueensland ‬‪#‎loveQueensland‬


There have also been some wonderful star supporters, who keep encouraging the Magic Fish Dreaming team to keep our  energy up!  Thanks so much to Vacen, Nancy, Helene and Katrin.

Helene and I managed to meet up for the first time since she returned from France. Katrin took us to meet a primary school librarian. And I actually forgot to take a photograph (rare for me) but it was a great meeting, and has given us some thoughts about school bookings for workshops beyond the kickstarter.  More on that later.  It was lovely to escape my computer and real space chat with Helene and Katrin.

It is exciting to know our book is receiving support from the United States, Philippines, the United Kingdom, as well Australia.

We are now heading for our next thousand, and a half century of backers.

Keep up the momentum, Magic Fish Dreaming Backing Family!  We’re feeling so much love and support, and hope we can announce the green light as soon as possible!

A special mention also to Michelle Worthington and Mel Irwin for their recent blogs about the project and to Writelinks, Buzz Words, Australian Poetry Times and the Children’s Book Academy who are helping put the word out through their networks.

Interview with Michelle Worthington

Mel Irvine on Magic Fish Dreaming