Dr June Perkins is a Brisbane-based poet, blogger and children’s author, of Indigenous Papua New Guinean and Australian background, raised in Tasmania by Baha’i parents.  She utilizes multiarts and multicultural stories to inspire an enriched sense of belonging and compassion in those who encounter her work.

She was recently invited to share Magic Fish Dreaming with the students of an International School in PNG and to guest edit ‘Diaspora’ for the Queensland Writers Centre.  She maintains an interest and dedication to promoting diversity in the Australian literary landscape. Her first children’s book is the award-winning poetry collection, Magic Fish Dreaming (2016) illustrated by Helene Magisson.

She is currently training to be a highschool Humanities and Literature Teacher and to complete her next collection of poems. She has a growing portfolio of short story and photography publications, and is planning to complete some non fiction and novels in the future.

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