Thank you to the Magic Fish Dreaming Team

Helene, Heidi, June team meeting – Matilda was there by skype.
Richard Tillotson – from Fergies


Just have the most dedicated and delightful team to work with on Magic Fish Dreaming. They have made the process of creating this book one of the best experiences of my life.

Even when we have challenges they are just solved and everyone is never afraid to say how to make something even better and everyone just strives for excellence. I feel very blessed. I wish all work places could be like this. There’s just no ‘ego’ and we all just want to make the book the best it can be.

I have gained such an insight and understanding of the talents and skills of an editor, designer, illustrator and printer. They put as much effort into this as writers do. When you understand what they do better, you can just put trust in the whole process of book making. I don’t think I would even considering laying out a children’s book myself!

On top of that everyone understands the challenges of my budget, as a small business, and the need to do things the best we can within that budget but still be excellent. At the same time I just want to pay all our ‘staff’ as much as I possibly can for what they do and show appreciation for when they go above and beyond the limitations of that budget.

Finally just so hope that this team will have many rewards; that I am able to sell lots of books;  that they receive more business, because they deserve it so much:  I would love to work with them all one day again.




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