From the Cake Girl

I just loooooooove this cake! It’s great when a sketch comes together and when made, looks exactly as my minds eye pictured it.
This #cherryripemudcake was based on the #illustrations by #HeleneMagisson from the book #MagicFishDreaming (written by #JunePerkins) launched this past weekend. I hope I gave the character enough movement and life to do the images justice.

“Absolutely loved the Magic Fish Dreaming launch cake. My illustrator was mesmerized, and just not keen to eat it, due to it being so beautiful, but then on eating it, said why so delicious as well. The children at the launch loved it so much and it added just another dimension an already special day. Thank you so, so much, and the edible icing with our words laid out just as the designer had in the book was just fabulous. Thank you from the Magic Fish Dreaming production team.


You can find The Cake Girl HERE


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