How to Crowd Fund a Poetry Book – Article with Queensland Writer’s Centre

dsc_1923Latest News

This week an article was published with the Queensland Writer’s Centre.

It gives June’s top ten tips for doing a kickstarter for a poetry book.

Magic Fish Dreaming – How to Crowd Fund a Poetry Book

Last weekend the production team, family and friends, had a small celebration prior to the launch, and this was also to celebrate June’s birthday the week before.

It was a welcome break to reconnect with friends from Far North Queensland (some living in Brisbane now, and some visiting.)

It was brilliant for all of us meet the editor in person for the first time, as June and Matilda have been working via skype, email and phone for sometime.  She also came to team meeting by skype as well.

June gave an impromptu heart felt speech to acknowledge everyone gathered in their part in the journey of the book, as well as thanking her parents, who presently live in Tasmania, for their upbringing and courage to marry at a time when a marriage across two cultures was not always supported. She thanked them for always stressing education.

She especially thanked Matilda for being there for the longest in the production team, and always believing in the vision of the book, as well as the wonderful Helene for her illustrative work and friendship and Heidi for her wonderful illustration.  The printing team  at Fergies were represented by Richard Tillotson, who was first made aware of the project when June requested quotations during the kickstarter.

He commented that Fergies really love heart felt projects like this, and want to do their very best for their client in regards to the final product.

Everyone received thank you gifts and some of their kickstarter rewards (but not the book, which will be available during or after the launch.)

Friends from Far North Queensland
Write Link Buddies
Dear Friends

The lunch time conversation was interesting and animated and the natural setting just perfect.

The team had a sneak peak at the printing proofs.

The delight on our editor’s face was highly visible.


Time passed all too quickly, but several guests went exploring Walkabout Creek, and most of us intend to go back to visit.

Today the book is PRINTING! So another blog post soon.  Helene and June have the opportunity to go watch this happen, which is very exciting.

There are just a few things to do for the launch  on October 30th and on that day the book will be officially in the world. It comes with cake, tea, coffee and joy!

If you want to attend the launch and live in Brisbane please do!  We have a booking link with all the information.   Booking Link

From the Team of Magic Fish Dreaming


Inviting your Participation


For all of you who wanted to be at our launch in Brisbane, Australia, but who live or are travelling too far away, we invite you to send a short message, perhaps telegram style, that can be displayed or shared.

It can be written, video, audio or artistic, it’s up to you.

If you like it would be wonderful if you could – say something about where you write or read poetry.

We will select a few to read or display on a screen or wall at the launch on October 30th. Depends what you send to us, whether it is a picture, video, audio, or short written message etc. as to how we share it.

We’re hoping to soon share who the inspiring speakers are but we’re still working out exactly who they will be and what we might ask them to talk about, but it will be about the power and fun of poetry or something super interesting and inspiring.

But it’s not really a day about speeches, rather it’s a celebration of the music of poetry with fun activities for young ones and  grown ups who love poetry as well as some prizes and suprises.

Some young musicians are going to play guitar and sing, and the rehearsals are sounding just brilliant.

This submission is due October 25th.

All is getting very, very exciting.  This weekend we do the Big Draw at the State Library of Queensland!  We will be sharing a sample of the book to a large audience of families and children alongside some other talented illustrators and authors.

If you are a kickstarter backer, you will have received a survey in your email inbox.  Could you  fill it out with your postal address, which if possible should be a street address, so you can sign for the parcel when it arrives, but we do know this might not be possible to some country Areas of Australia or even for some of our international destinations. Thank you.

If a street address is impossible please message us to work out the best way to deliver your parcel.

We will let you know when they start to be posted.

Our official launch announcements posters are almost done, and the program is still in development.  The designer is busy, the final quotes for the printing job are on their way.

June promises she will get back to all our preorder requests as soon as possible things have just gotten so busy here, and she is looking into a limited number of bookshop signings and stocking  of the book in  stores the team loves in the lead up to Christmas.  We’re still looking to find a traditional publisher, so this will be for a strictly limited time.

The dream is – a Far North Queensland event, back in the birthplace of the book!  Our editor is flying down in a few months to meet the rest of the Magic Fish Dreaming Team.  What a special event that will be.  We hope we get to go see her in the Far North!

Yes, busy, busy, busy!

And from June to all kickstarter backers: “When people like book store owners ask me who is this book’s publisher, I realise you all make me stand tall – the true answer is our kickstarter supporters, all 142 of you!”

Thank you.

The Magic Fish Dreaming Team

A postcard received during the kickstarter.


Example of one we have had sent in already!  Thanks Danny.

Thank You Dear Backers All

fairy1 by Helene Magisson
Art by Helene Magisson

‘Thank you dear backers all’
sing the Magic Fish Dreaming Team.
‘We hold you in high esteem
For believing in our book dream.
We plan to do you proud
And thank you beautiful crowd
for answering our kickstarter call.
Bless you – one and all.’


Honour Blog Roll

Yvonne Mes

Dimity Powell

Tahirih Twyford

Anil Tortop

Amanda Francey

Renee Hills

Nancy Kent

Karen Tyrrell

Jacqui Halpin


Alison Stegert

Temily Eddington

Pamela Galeano

Felicity Plunkett

Catherine Greenman

Danny Letham

Katyoon Haghseresht

Elizabeth Kasmer

Paul Anthony Gerard

Elizabeth Lhuede

Alexandra Roberts

Zita Klaphake

Jo Hoffman

Ladan Ocora

Sally Knornschild

Christa von Zychlin

Mira Reisberg

Owen Allen

Rebecca Sheraton

Jocelyn Hawes

Lizzie Weigh

Jacque Duffy

Marcia Marseney

Valia Stevens

Laura Law

Robert Tidey

Gloria Webb

David Conley

Mel Irvine

Dr Anne Marshall

Frank and Judith Wark

Candice Lemon-Scott

Anna Gerard

Paul Gerard (Junior)

Janet Tallarigo Murphy

Aurorae Khoo

Melissa Shaw-Smith

Lailani Mirkazemi

Alan and Yvonne Perkins

Simon Michnowicz

Jenny Stubbs

Samantha Wheeler

Marie van Alphen

Lenora Riegel

Kerrie Morgan

Jan Cornall

H Lowe

Kevin Stark

Joly Laurence

Melody Grace Cave

Melina Dahms


Betty Cabral Collerson


Mandy Downing

Danielle Freeland

Katrin Dreiling

Margaret Morris

Joanna Dumaresq

Lydia Birt

Renee Price

Shirin Leila

Sam Eeles

Sonia Navidi

Chevallier Marthe

Helene Safajou

Kim Walti

Sonja van Kerkhoff

K Lyer


Jan Streater

Farah Moshirian

Honora Jenkins

Sam Bowhay


Cameron McDonald


Tanya Hempson

Lyn Oxley


Noss Laurence

Moala Eseta Pease

Marion Gaemers

Carol Bonny

Diane Finlay

Helen Ramoutsaki

Renee Farrant

Lucy McGinley

Jessica White

Catherina Van der Walt

Lorraine Gray

Shirley Lynn

Julian Bluett

Aisea and Naz

Carmel Dore

Vanessa Bromley

Jane Nicholsen

Sally Moroney

Brenda May

Krystyna Palka

Georgie Donaghey

Sheryl Gwyther

Debbie Kahl

Phelicia Gardner

Ricardo Vargas Lubbert


Sophie Masson


Laurie Trott

Tom Hearn

Karen Lane

Lydia Valeriano

Isobel Dore

Cherrie Ryan

Lea Goward

Vacen Taylor

Lyn Blanch

Joanne Austin

Norah Colvin

Cristina Whitehawk

Elizabeth Dere

Pixi Robertson

Mehera Moroney

Brynda Lattimore

Liz McLeish

Neidenberger Edouard

Stephanie Hansen

Toloui Wallace’s

Tyrion Perkins

Grant Hindin Miller

Edmond Keven Bona

Kate Shapcott



A special thank you to Write Links, Book Links,  the Children’s Book Academy, the Inspiration Garden, Soul Food Writing buddies,  friends from ABC Open, friends from writing groups I have been in, blog followers, the Creative community of Far North Queensland and the Baha’is for their  support.  

Thank you also to all  who so enthusiastically shared the kickstarter link with their friends, family and communities.

(This is now a permanent page link on the Magic Fish Dreaming Blog as well.)

fairy2 by Helene Magisson

Art by Helene Magisson

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Also included in Newsletter and Mail Outs from friends with teachers

And in the newsletters of 

Jan Cornall

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Last Chance to Pledge for Magic Fish Dreaming


The kickstarter has just 3 days to go.

We are currently at $9491AUD and would love to make it to $10,000AUD if we can – Anything more would be amazing as we would dearly like to print the book hard cover, but we are so thrilled with how much we have been able to raise for our project.

We are preparing our thank you honour roll blog and have been already saying lots of thank yous.  We think maybe it needs to include its own special poem.

We may still look at a few more  creative ways to fund our project up to hard cover level if we can, so keep a look out for future announcements.

To visit the Kickstarter and Pledge for a Book  click here.  KICKSTARTER LINK

For our overseas and blog fans on a budget, there is a $10AUD PDF option and there is still a chance to purchase a top level reward, art by Helene, workshops, Cassowary, education kits.  And don’t forget two books, two calico bag special, and we may have another special tomorrow morning! So look out for that.

We are going to organise and online and real space launch for later in the year, for those who can make it.  We look forward to a very special event for our launch.

A big thank you to everyone who has been following our journey.


We have the green light! Now what?



We’re so happy and thankful to announce that Magic Fish Dreaming has the green light.

Our project has lift off thanks to you,  all our wonderful backers.

We are so happy to know this book is going out into the world and grateful for everyone that believed in us from the first mention this kickstarter would be happening. Yes, thanks so much Writelinks, Children’s Book Academy,  and many, many more! The blog honour roll is going to be so much fun to put together.

Well Helene is beginning more intensive work on the storyboard!  She is keen to get cracking on the rest of the illustrations.

As for me, I am definitely going to sleep better tonight!  And we are still going to have some media coverage next week and have some brilliant news to share.

But there is more. Now we can go for a stretch goal!

A stretch goal is what we can do if we raise above our $9000AUD funds.

When putting together a kickstarter budget the thing most project coordinators do is work out the lowest amount they can raise in order to achieve their project.

However, there is always a goal post beyond that first goal.  For Magic Fish Dreaming we had further goals if we were able to manage to raise more funds this is what we would do.

STRETCH GOAL 1 – Add more pages of art and poetry! $15,000 AUD / 10348 USD/ 9478.71 Euros/ 7307 (GBP)pounds We can increase number of pages for the book to 40! Do some beautiful end papers with a special design from Helene.

STRETCH  GOAL 2 – Cover Charisma! $20,000+ (AUD)/ 13679.90 USD /12550.47 Euros/9611 (GBP)pounds Now we can print all the books in hard cover with a durable and attractive case binding. One poem can be translated into French or motu.

STRETCH GOAL 3 – Another Film! $25,000 (AUD)/ 1725 USD/ 15789 Euros/ 12171 (GBP) pounds. June can create another engaging creative short poetry film featuring Helene’s art and June’s photography, voice, and poetry. We’ll give you a chance to vote on which poem has a short film outing. June will also ‘sound cloud’ the most popular poems for those who would like to hear readings by the poet.

Help us to expand upon the initial  dream by continuing to invite others to pledge

We would be delighted to welcome more to the Magic Fish Dreaming family!

If you could keep sharing our project that would be brilliant, because we have a chance over the next week, to attempt to make a stretch goal.

Would be fantastic if we could unlock another goal!

The best thing is that now, you, and we, can tell everyone this project is definitely happening.

Thanks to everyone joining our happy project green light dance.

You can keep following our progress for this project at  our blog or facebook, where we also love to keep up with environmental news from around the world and share interesting links about that, and art and Queensland.

All the best,

From June, Helene and the Rest of the Magic Fish Dreaming Team

Counting down from 86


Counting down from 86 X$25AUD pledges or 43 X $50 AUD double pledges. Tawny and Tree Kanga are sure we can do it!  – who will be our 100th backer and will we see another 10 backers today?

To pledge visit the link HERE.  Would love to welcome more of our project followers to the backing family.  Thanks to all who have already backed.  What treasures you are!