How to Crowd Fund a Poetry Book – Article with Queensland Writer’s Centre

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This week an article was published with the Queensland Writer’s Centre.

It gives June’s top ten tips for doing a kickstarter for a poetry book.

Magic Fish Dreaming – How to Crowd Fund a Poetry Book

Last weekend the production team, family and friends, had a small celebration prior to the launch, and this was also to celebrate June’s birthday the week before.

It was a welcome break to reconnect with friends from Far North Queensland (some living in Brisbane now, and some visiting.)

It was brilliant for all of us meet the editor in person for the first time, as June and Matilda have been working via skype, email and phone for sometime.  She also came to team meeting by skype as well.

June gave an impromptu heart felt speech to acknowledge everyone gathered in their part in the journey of the book, as well as thanking her parents, who presently live in Tasmania, for their upbringing and courage to marry at a time when a marriage across two cultures was not always supported. She thanked them for always stressing education.

She especially thanked Matilda for being there for the longest in the production team, and always believing in the vision of the book, as well as the wonderful Helene for her illustrative work and friendship and Heidi for her wonderful illustration.  The printing team  at Fergies were represented by Richard Tillotson, who was first made aware of the project when June requested quotations during the kickstarter.

He commented that Fergies really love heart felt projects like this, and want to do their very best for their client in regards to the final product.

Everyone received thank you gifts and some of their kickstarter rewards (but not the book, which will be available during or after the launch.)

Friends from Far North Queensland
Write Link Buddies
Dear Friends

The lunch time conversation was interesting and animated and the natural setting just perfect.

The team had a sneak peak at the printing proofs.

The delight on our editor’s face was highly visible.


Time passed all too quickly, but several guests went exploring Walkabout Creek, and most of us intend to go back to visit.

Today the book is PRINTING! So another blog post soon.  Helene and June have the opportunity to go watch this happen, which is very exciting.

There are just a few things to do for the launch  on October 30th and on that day the book will be officially in the world. It comes with cake, tea, coffee and joy!

If you want to attend the launch and live in Brisbane please do!  We have a booking link with all the information.   Booking Link

From the Team of Magic Fish Dreaming


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