Kickstarter Explained


For all of the Magic Fish Dreaming backers who might be using kickstarter for the first time.

1) You register to use as you are not charged for the book until the project is fully funded and so you can receive updates of when your products will be delivered etc.

2) You do this once only and then can support future kickstarter projects and even set up your own in future.

3) Check the project timelines, this book for instance will be delivered the end of this year between October and December and the workshops will run in 2017 for anyone booking them.

4) You need to pick the reward you want, but you can pledge any amount you wish, this is totally up to you.

Pick the one you like most.  Rewards are designed to be good value to you – anything else head to kickstarter FAQs to find out KICKSTARTER FAQ

Head to our project link  HERE

The project is available to support until March 14th.  We would love to reach the baseline amount  of $9000 early to give everyone confidence in the project.  So if you are able pledge now.  We are very close to $2000 at this point.

We are doing regular call outs to backers and star supporters on our facebook and twitter. More news soon.

There is no risk to you because if for some reason our project was not funded you will not have your credit card charged for the project (we are sure this isn’t going to happen!)

Thank you so much for all your support!

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