The Book Arrives


Delighted Young Reader!

I’m sitting my favourite chair reading Magic Fish Dreaming and dreaming about my childhood.

Jocelyn, Brisbane.

The precious parcel arrived safely and we’re delighted with the books, the kookaburra and all… You can be very proud of this publication. One of the extended family was visiting yesterday. She was in Year 4 this year. She started reading and ignored the conversation. I asked what poem she liked the most…it was ‘Beyond Caterpillar Days’. 10 year old Bronson’s favourite poem is ‘Geckos’ Dance’


To our dear friend June. Thank you for Magic Fish Dreaming. We love it. To me it is evocative of the days we spent living in Koala Park and our cat bringing cane toads onto our bed at hot days and the balmy evenings with no long sunset…the night noises of the Queensland critters! Eva loves the poem Magic Fish Dreaming. She has asked me to tell you this! Helene the illustrations are beautiful and compliment the poems magically. We are so happy to have this book in our lives, June and Helene. It was a special extended birthday for Eva when it arrived. xxxxxx

Lorraine, New Zealand.

Hi June. Thank you and Helene for the gifts. My son, who loves reading is already reading “Hunting for a Poem”. The little Tasmanian Tiger toy is his favorite. Thanks again and wishing you all the very best for 2017.

Mad, Western Australia

I was so excited to recieve this beautiful book yesterday. I supported the Kick Starter campaign and now I have the book. Read it last night!!!!

Diane, FN.QLD

Congratulations on the book, it is divine.

Jacque, FN.QLD.

I received my copy today…totally enchanting!

Marcia, FN.QLD.

So exciting we were involved with supporting the publication of this book and today the dream came true and our signed copy arrived head over to Magic Fish Dreaming to purchase your own copy.

Sam B. – Family Day Care, NSW

Thank you so much for Fletchers book…I will read this to him and tell him about the beautiful author xx

Tracy, Tasmania


Magic Fish Dreaming. a wonderful book written by my dear friend June Perkins. just arrived. June’s kickstarter campaign earlier in the year made this wonderful book possible and my order just arrived. Lovely June packed it with goodies and little extras for Jerry and the kids of Botongon. Can’t wait to take it to the Philippines and include it in Jerry’s bedtime reading. He will be so thrilled when he sees it. Thank you, thank you June. If you are looking for a quality book of children’s poetry filled with the Australian landscape, that speaks to community, honours indigenous ancestry and cultural diversity; then please consider this wonderful book Magic Fish Dreaming. 5 stars from

Mel xx NSW and Philippines

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