Sandcliffe Writers Festival

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“I shared my journey outlining five major influences: my birth family, nature, my family today, writing groups and spirituality of the Baha’i faith.  I especially focused on the racism my family endured when living in Tasmania, which in some ways lead to the loss of one of my brothers, and how education, my family and community, played a role in empowering me, to create the poetry book for children and family Magic Fish Dreaming, a subtle celebration the oneness of humanity – which is reflected in its illustrations.  I feel compelled to write by the desire for the children of the world to grow up in a world free from prejudice. ”

(Short Extract, full write up of my participation in the festival is on my Pearlz Dreaming Blog

Photos from Sheryl Gwyther, June Perkins, Jo Hoffman, Kara McLeod.

Please note I didn’t quite make all sessions, but did interview one of the school visits presenters.)

Brief Notes

A big thank you to David Perkins for assisting me with setting up and packing up my stuff during the festival.

Since the festival I’ve begun receiving more queries about school visits and will share some details about what they might include, and what the cost will be.

First off Helene and I will be doing some collaborative workshops looking at both writing and illustration in June at two Brisbane libraries, Kenmore and Ashgrove (see our events for listing).

I am working on some other  exciting projects, including more panels and lots of writing which I will share with you when I am able.

Inspired by the festival speakers I’ll be making sure to find more hours to write and want to try for 1000 words a day!  Maybe I’ll start at 6.30 am though, rather than 5 am.


3 thoughts on “Sandcliffe Writers Festival

  1. Thanks for sharing the photos, June, and the excerpt from your talk. You are gearing up for a lot of promotional engagements in addition to writing. I wish you well with all endeavours.

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